Industrial Technology

Credit: 1 Unit
Prerequisite: None
Course number: 100910

Residential Architecture provides the student with a unique opportunity to learn how to properly design a house. Within reasonable limits, each student will be allowed to plan a house of their choice. Some of the areas covered include building and site selection, interior and exterior styling, individual room planning, and fundamental construction methods. Emphasis is also placed on career exploration and new technological developments in architecture. This course is especially beneficial to students interested in becoming an architect, designer, engineer, builder, decorator, draftsman, construction worker, or homeowner.

Credit: 1 Unit
Prerequisite: None
Course number: 100900

CAD I is a beginning course which provides students with an opportunity to develop skills in making and using technical drawings. Students begin with the basics of equipment and material usage, and proceed through fundamental drawing techniques and procedures. Drawing emphasis will focus on CAD (computer aided drafting) with many of the students drawings being produced using CAD equipment. The student should have a good background in basic mathematics. This course is especially beneficial to students interested in designing, engineering, drafting, commercial art, graphic arts, production, and construction careers.

Credit: 1 unit
Prerequisite: CAD I with a grade of "C" or better
Course number: 100905

CAD II combines a continuation of the fundamental concepts developed in CAD I with additional concentrated areas of engineering drawing. CAD will be used throughout the course for the development of student drawings. Provisions are made for the individual specialization in selected areas as time permits. This course is especially beneficial to those students interested in engineering, designing, drafting, and computer drawing.

Credit: 1 unit
Prerequisite: None
Course number: 100915

Woodworking I is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop skills in the safe use of hand and power tools. A study of related information will include project planning, properties of wood, wood joints, fastners, wood finishes, and career opportunities. This course is especially beneficial to students interested in building trades, wood products industries and furniture construction careers. Student activities include constructing limited elective projects and instructor approved independent projects.

Credit: 1 unit - Honors Credit

Prerequisite: None
Course number:100950

Introduction to Engineering Design is the first of four pre-engineering course offerings that are planned to be phased in over the next four years and are part of a curriculum known as Project Lead the Way (PLTW). This foundation course in the pre-engineering PLTW curriculum sequence that offers a dynamic high school program providing students with real-world learning and hands-on experience. Students interested in engineering, biomechanics, aeronautics, and other applied math and science arenas will discover PLTW is an exciting portal into these industries. This course uses a design development process while enriching problem-solving skills; students create and analyze models using specialized computer software.

Proposed Phase-in Process and Sequence for PLTW Pre-engineering Courses:

2011-12 Principles of Engineering
This course explores technology systems and manufacturing processes while addressing the social and political consequences of technological change.

2012-13 Digital Electronics
This course teaches applied logic through work with electronic circuitry which students will construct and test for functionality.

2013-14 Civil Engineering and Architecture
This course introduces students to the interdependent fields of civil engineering and architecture where they will learn project planning, site planning, and building design.

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