Dear Parents and Guardians,


We will be entering homecoming season next week!  This is an especially fun time of the year for our students and staff.  It is our hope that all of our students who choose to participate will have a great time with their friends and classmates.  These social experiences provide a different type of learning opportunity, and we are glad we are able to host such events at Francis Howell Central.  Homecoming will start with a spirit week for student dress; see below for each day’s exact theme.  Thursday will be our annual parade and powder puff game.  The parade will start at FHC at 6pm and travel through the streets of Cottleville and return to the campus.  The powder-puff game will take place in our stadium immediately following the parade.  The cost of entry is two cans of food or a monetary donation which will go to supporting St. Charles food pantries.  During the game, the 9th grade women play our 10th grade women on one end of the field, and the 11th grade women play the 12th grade women on the opposite end.  Our Homecoming football game will take place on Friday night at 7pm against Timberland High School, and the Dance is set to start at 7pm on Saturday in our large gym.

Homecoming Spirit Daily Themes

(Monday) – America Day – (Tuesday) – GQ Day – (Wednesday) – Wacky Wednesday

– (Thursday) – Blue and Silver

It should be an awesome week, full of memories for our students.  We would like to take a moment to remind us all that our students face peer pressures all of the time, and these types of social activities may present kids with additional peer pressure to be involved with alcohol and/or illegal drugs.  By the time students are in high school, they have been educated on the dangers and repercussions of such involvement; nonetheless, some will make bad choices.  Such poor decisions can have both short-term and long-term implications.  We are asking that you partner with us and reinforce a message of safety with your child.  Your support will add additional credibility, and, hopefully, lessen the possibility of a bad choice being made.  As an additional measure of safety, we have historically teamed with local law authorities to bring K-9 units on our campus to ensure it is a drug-free environment, and we plan to do that again sometime during this school year as well.  I would also like your support in making sure our students are aware that students will not be allowed entry into the dance on Saturday past 8 p.m.  The dance begins at 7 p.m. and we expect all dancers to be here before 8.  One last issue I would like your support with is the “Junior/Senior class wars” that occur during this week.  It has traditionally been minor pranks but recently has led to some more serious property damage.  This has caused police investigations and legal and financial issues with our students.  It has also carried over into the school environment and led to student discipline.  I wanted to make you aware so you could have quality family conversations around these topics so that our Spartans make good decisions for themselves and represent your family and our school well. 


We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in the education of your child, and it is our hope that each of our students has a fun, safe, and drug and alcohol-free homecoming experience. If you have questions, or if you need some guidance on how to have such conversations with your child, please contact your child’s counselor or administrator.



Dr. Pam Sloan                                      Dr. Sonny Arnel

Superintendent of Schools                  Principal- Francis Howell Central High School


Learning Commons Book Collection Guidelines


FHSD Learning Commons have a broad selection of books, in print and online, available for checkout.  You may see what we have to offer by clicking on the ‘Learning Commons’ tab on your school’s web page and then select ‘Find a Book’. Destiny, our library management system, will allow you to search the collection by entering specific book titles, authors, or subjects. You may see the E-book collection by clicking the ‘Follett Shelf’ tab, log in with your student’s login credentials: (Login: firstinitiallastnamelast3digitsofID# and password: student created).You may then search the E-book collection by searching in the same manner. 

We hope you will find that Francis Howell Central’s collection offers engaging choices that will foster a love of reading in your child.  If you have questions or concerns regarding specific items in the collection, feel free to contact Kelly Hauquitz at kelly.hauquitz@fhsdschools.org or Andrea Head at andrea.head@fhsdschools.org .


 Care and Concern

The Care and Concern Box is an effort to provide students an additional way to bring issues to the attention of FHC teachers and staff. There are three care and concern boxes located throughout the building; one in the hallway by guidance and the library, one in the cafeteria, and one near the student parking entrance. The cyber care and concern box below is linked directly to our School Resource Officer.

Students may use the boxes to report actions that they have experienced or witnessed and would like addressed. Students also may report a concern that they have for a fellow student. The student simply drops a note in the box or uses the cyber care and concern box. Be sure to include specific information when making a report. The more details that are included, the better the teachers,principals, counselors, or the SRO can respond. The boxes are checked frequently and the reports are shared with the appropriate staff member.


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